Links and related resources on SCRs

The NSPCC website includes a case reviews area which contains:

  • The national case review repository:
    In 2013 NSPCC, in collaboration with the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs, launched this single place to access published case review reports. The repository contains case reviews and inquiry reports dating back to 1945.
  • Thematic briefings:
    Briefings highlighting the learning from SCRs, pulling together key risk factors and practice recommendations on the following topics: CSE; Domestic abuse; Neglect and Online abuse.
  • A list of published research reports that analyse the details and recommendations from case reviews.
  • Outputs from Learning into Practice Project (NSPCC):
    Funded by the Department of Education Innovation Fund. Over 2015, NSPCC and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) piloted ways to improve the quality of SCRs and use the learning to improve practice. Outputs include:
  • Inter-professional communication and its impact upon decision making:
    NSPCC and SCIE looked at 38 SCRs (published May 2014 -April 2015) and identified 44 practice issues relating to communication and decision making. They produced a mapping document giving an overview of the practice issues and 14 briefings that look at some of these issues in more detail.
  • Serious Case Review Quality Markers:
    18 Quality Markers to help support commissioners and reviewers to commission and conduct high quality reviews. They provide a consistent and robust approach to SCRs by covering the whole process from setting up to running the review, to looking at outputs and outcomes from the review.
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